CCTV solutions

CCTV MonitorClosed-circuit television (CCTV) systems have been around for many years and commonly used for surveillance work in many areas around the world.

As the technology matured and improved, older CCTV systems using small, low-resolution screens have been replaced with modern, full color, high-resolution displays.

At Rand Data Systems, we are re-sellers of enterprise CCTV solutions offering industry-leading products with a variety of smart, innovative features to choose from.

Boasting superior picture quality, night or day, they can be implemented in many use cases ranging from internal monitoring such as access control for server rooms to external usage for monitoring your business premises or safe guarding your clients.

Depending on your requirements, below are just a few of the advanced features available;

  1. The ability to manage your CCTV network from a single control panel
  2. Get real-time statistics and insights on the performance of your system
  3. Events & Alerts – Receive alerts and event notifications
  4. HD Video – Get high-quality / low-latency video with up to 1080p* support.
  5. Live View – View live feeds in a single or customisable, multi-camera format.
  6. Video Mobile App – Available for both iOS and Android allowing you to manage devices anywhere, anytime

*These smart features are product dependent. A Rand Data Systems consultant will do a needs analysis to determine a CCTV solution specific to your business requirements.