Hardware & Software Support

Hardware Software SupportEnsuring the smooth running of your operating systems, networks and email is crucial to the success and continuity of any business. Any event or reason for failure of these systems, you can be assured that it will have an impact on your business and productivity.

Rand Data Systems have the necessary knowledge and expertise to successfully deliver software support around your IT needs.

We offer a comprehensive hardware & software support solution and using quality products from a wide range of leading hardware providers. Our professional team of experienced, certified professionals will take care of the repair, maintenance and support of your hardware requirements.

Our services extend to a range of products including desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, servers, storage devices, networking equipment, point-of-sale solutions as well as CCTV installations.

Our software support solution consist of;

  • Operating systems;
    • Microsoft
    • Apple MAC
    • Linux systems
  • Full range of Microsoft Office products
  • CCTV control and monitoring
  • Anti-Virus solutions
  • Network monitoring and privacy, and
  • 3rd party applications like CCTV, Point of Sale solutions, Skype, Dropbox, etc.

Our hardware support solution consist of;

  1. Assembly and configuration of computers and servers,
  2. Installation and configuration of local and network printers
  3. Extended manufacturer warranties for hardware, and express warranty swap-outs
  4. Through our IT Assessment and Network Audit, recommend network and systems configurations and setups unique to your business requirements.
  5. Point-of-sale hardware and software solution implementation
  6. CCTV installations

Our equipment carries full warranties supported throughout South Africa.