IT Support Contracts

At Rand Data Solutions we offer IT support contracts and maintenance plans specialising in small and medium size businesses. Our IT support contracts are put together around your unique IT requirements. This is done through our extensive IT audit and needs analysis, resulting in a clear breakdown of the items covered in the contract.

So why outsource your IT function to us?

Outsourcing your IT functions has many benefits with saving costs as mostly like the biggest driving factor other than access to a variety of skilled resources.

Outsouring you IT functions allow you to focus on your business goals and objectives whilst Rand Data Systems ensures you have a healthy infrastructure, pro-actively looking after your servers, networks and workstations and therefore reducing unnecessary downtime.

We can offer flexible support contracts in the following formats;

  • Monthly Service Contracts – This type of contract runs on a month-to-month basis. The contract is put together based on your unique IT requirements.
  • Ad Hoc Support (Project specific) – This type of contract is project specific. A typical scenario would be support during a office move.

We believe you should consider outsourcing for the following reasons.

  1. Cost saving – Outsourcing your IT function will save you costs. Rand Data Systems has access to far lower cost around hardware and software, and in turn, pass the cost saving onto our clients.
  2. Access to resources – Employing skilled staff, the necessary technology and regular training can be a costly affair.Using Rand Data Systems gives you the ability to have access to qualified and experienced support technicians without having to worry about the HR function.
  3. Free up existing resources – As a business owner, you can now free up existing resources to focus on your business goals.
  4. Factory warranty – our technicians can do onsite repairs on our vendor supplied hardware and it does not void manufacturer’s warranty.