Remote Support

At Rand Data Systems our specialist technicians have the ability to remotely assist using specialist software. This allow us to work on your PC and address any issues saving you time and money.

This method of support is extremely convenient and a cost saver considering that we can address issues right away, or do an assessment prior to a physical call out.

The remote support work as follow:

  1. Download the software and run the installation
  2. Once loaded, you can grant our technicians access by a click of a button

DOWNLOAD Teamviewer


  • We cannot access your systems without you giving us permission to do so.
  • You are able to watch every action/click on your screen while the support technician is busy working on your machine
  • Your system cannot be access with the software running on your side
  • Prior to allowing our support technician access, for your own privacy and peace of mind, we always recommend that you close any private and confidential documents that’s not needed during the support session.

We value the the privacy of our clients. Any information that may be seen by the support technician during a remote session will be held in the strictest of confidence.

To view our privacy policy please click here.