Firewall security and management

Do I need a firewall setup? The answer is simply, yes. A firewall is necessary to protect your data, networks and your devices against external and internal security threats.

Like a good antivirus solution, your firewall security solution should run hand-in-hand so that you have protection between your company’s computers/network and the Internet.

Furthermore, a firewall not only protect you from the outside,with the correct firewall configuration, you can also protect your company from internal threats.

With the correct configuration, you can prevent your employees from accessing certain websites like social networking sites or known identity phishing sites. The benefit in this can also address productivity issues, from staff spending more time than accepted browsing social media sites, and/or pornographic material.

Firewall security

[Image: Firewall Security]

Managing your firewall is a mandatory and necessary security control that can be extremely complex and costly.

Rand Data Systems can assist you with you firewall setup/configuration and maintenance.

You can read more about how firewalls work on the Microsoft™ website – what is a firewall.