VoIP solutions

In today’s business environment, communication is an essential part of the daily routine, whether that’s between our customers or within the company between branches. Either way, traditional analogue lines are becoming a costly affair and call for new solutions.

Voice over Internet Protocol (Voice over IP, VoIP) is such a solution, not only does it deliver voice communications but also the ability to accommodate video conferencing and that at much lower rates than traditional PSTN networks.

VoIP solutions is available on many smartphones, personal computers, and on Internet access devices.

We can assist you with the right solution based on your needs. Our offering ranges from IP phones to software based VoIP solutions such for;

  • Web Calling
  • Voice and Video Instant Messaging
  • Web Conferencing, and
  • Mobile and Integrated VoIP.

IP PBX for your business

Rand Data Systems can also assist you with IP PBX system requirements.

An IP PBX is a switchboard which uses Internet Protocol (IP) that switches calls between VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) users on local lines while allowing all users to share a certain number of external phone lines.

We setup a server to route all your incoming and outgoing calls using you internet connection, or a separate dedicated connection.

Our typical IP PBX can switch calls between a VoIP user and a traditional telephone user, or between two traditional telephone users in the same way that a conventional PBX does.

Rand Data System’s IP PBX systems offers a range of features to choose from. Contact us to find a solution that best suit your business needs.

Below are some of the benefits of implementing a IP PBX system;

  • Much easier to install & configure than a proprietary phone system
  • Easier to manage because of web/GUI based configuration interface and the fact that it’s a computer based system, allowing remote administration, resulting in quicker support
  • Significant cost savings as calls between branches can be done for free
  • Scalability – a standard computer can easily handle a large number of phone lines and extensions opposed to traditional telephony systems.
  • Integration – Since IP PBX is computer based, it can easily be integrated with business applications. E.g. Calls can be placed directly from Outlook.
  • Cleaner installation, phones plug directly into your PC, eliminate the phone wiring of traditional phone networks